Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Business Adventure

So it has been AWHILE since I have posted on my blog. I have started a new business adventure and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is called Tastefully Simple. It is different food mixes and recipes, sauces, dips, and seasonings. And I am having so much fun with it.

Also me and Catie have been crafting quite a bit. I love everything I have been doing.

School is coming along, and I hope to be done anytime in the next year. I am crossing my fingers that it happens sooner rather than later.

I know this is not alot, but I just thought I would update a little!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

A lot has happened since last time...

Well looks like I am not great at this whole Blog concept. I have not posted since September 9, 2010. It is now February 3, 2011. Well this will be a longer post, but I will recap how the last 5 months have been.
Well in September I don't really think we did much of anything. I was going to school at Steven's Henager still, and we were just working on getting things in order. Jessie was working for SOS Staffing until the 20th of September and that is the day that he officially was working for Autoliv again permanently. And the kids were doing alright.
Well October was a rough month for us. It started ok with lots of fun times with friends, but ended tragically. My grandpa Gary passed away on October 17, 2010 very unexpectedly. It was a very tragic and depressing time for me. Owen lost his BFF, and Oakley was never able to really know him. It was a very hard time, but I am grateful for everyone that helped us through. Granny pretended to be alright, but deep down she is having a very hard time. His funeral was on October 22, 2010 and we went to Golden Corral after for dinner.
I withdrew from Steven's Henager College, and started the process of getting into the DATC for the medical assisting program there.
Halloween was celebrated on the 30th of October in 2010. My mom and her friends put on a cute carnival for all the grandchildren, but unfortunately we had to miss it. Owen spent that whole day being very sick. We even had to take him to the ER. Not a fun ending to the month.
In November we didn't too much of anything really until Thanksgiving. We ate dinner at grandma Donna's house with that side of the family. We visited mom and Joel before going to grandma Donna's where Riley, Shaylynn and Aubrey were there as well. After grandma's house, we headed to Kriss and Larry's to spend some time with the Forbush family. It was a great day because we got to see family, but it was also really hard because it was one of the days that I really really missed grandpa. :(
The day after Thanksgiving was MY BIRTHDAY!!! We spent it with friends and family and had a great time.
The month of November I spent alot of time getting things ready to start school at the DATC. I had to take care of financial aid, testing, and everything else to get me ready for starting school. A few people thought I should wait until the new year to worry about it, but I needed to be getting the ball rolling.
Now December is where things got really busy. I started school at the DATC on the 6th, and I was going to school 5 days a week from 730am until 1pm. Jessie was working swing shift at Autoliv so he would leave the house at 130pm when I got home and work until 1030pm. We hardly ever got to see eachother, until the plant shut down for Christmas.
School kept me busy, but this was a hard month for me. The closer it got to Christmas the more and more I realized that grandpa wasn't around. He would always worry about what we were getting Owen. He liked to always worry about Owen, it was cute.
School got out for Christmas break the day before Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve we put together Owen's new RACE CAR BED! That is what Granny and Grandpa bought him for Christmas and he loves it. It was a pretty emotional day for me, but we got through it. That night we went to grandma Donna's for the family party where Colten surprised Amy with a little visit. That was so nice!! We played the universal gift game where I got a new crock pot (that makes 4) and Jessie got a Jerky making kit. The kids didn't do their gift exchange this year, so we took Owen a set of cars to open. He loves cars. After grandma's, we went to mom and Joels to open presents and spend some time with them. That was nice too.
Christmas morning was spent at dad and Julie's house where we opened presents and just spent time together. Granny came, but it was very very hard for her. She got very upset and had a rough day. After we opened presents there we headed out to Kriss and Larry's house. We opened presents there and ate an amazing dinner. Kody bought the kids a snowmobile, and they loved it!! Tyler bought Oakley the CUTEST COAT EVER!! and Me and Jessie we very lucky because we got to watch our kids be so happy. It was another rough day for me, but it was good to just be around all the family.
The week between Christmas and New Years we just spent a lot of time as a family and we went shopping to use all of our gift cards and Christmas money.
New Years Eve we just stayed home and played games and watched tv. It was a quiet night, but it was tons of fun.
New Years Day we hung out at home then that night we went to Megan, Justin, and Jackie's house and got to spend time with some amazing friends! That night the girl's decided on a night that we were going to get together to do crafts, eat yummy dinner, and do pedicures. We decided on the 15th of January.....And that night was a blast!!
January was filled with lots of school, and tons of doctor's appointments for me. I had 2 procedures done one of which came back normal and the other is where they found a few things. (I will be following up with the doctor tomorrow)
Today is February 3rd, 2011, Oakley turns 1 on Saturday. We are doing everything possible to get ready for her birthday parties, and all the fun that comes with that. We plan on spending tomorrow as a family doing fun things and then a small party for her with Jessie's family. Saturday will be the party with our friends and my mom's side of the family. And Sunday is Superbowl and her party with my dad's side of the family. What a busy weekend.
Will keep you posted more frequently and will post some new pictures soon too!!!

Much Love to you all


Thursday, September 9, 2010

OH I think it has finally happened!

So I think that it finally happened tonight. I think I really decided what I want to be when I go up! Tonight in school we learned how to do VPs. Venipunctures!!!  I got to draw blood from 2 people and I couldn't be happier about how it went. I also totally ACED my midterm in the same class. I think that I have decided that I want to be a Phlebotomist!. We shall see what happens with this, but I will for sure keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 in 1 day!

So all my lucky blog followers, you get a 2 in 1 today. I just wanted to tell everyone about school. I started a new module this week and to my surprise, I am very pleased! Last night was Cardiopulmonary / ECG, it is going to be very interesting. But EVEN BETTER, tonight I started Medical Laboratory Procedures.
The Cardiopulmonary / ECG class is going to be where we learn about the Cardiac System and the Respiratory System. It is going to be very fun I think. We will learn how to do EKG, and can actually get certified in that I think. It will be a very good start to all of the things that I will be able to start doing.
Then the most fun part of this module, Medical Laboratory Procedures. Which is actually the first class in the PHLEBOTOMY portion of my studies!!!! I am so excited to start learning how to do this. This is the #1 reason why I decided to go back to school. Thursday we get to start poking fingers. And then next week we get to start venipuncture! Which MEANS DRAWING BLOOD FROM A VEIN!!
Yes I know not many people get very excited about this, but I can't wait. I am so happy that this class came sooner then I was thinking it would. Now for the CNA classes and I will be ready to go for a little bit. I can't wait to actually start a career!
Thanks for listening!

Things seem to be COMING TOGETHER!

As some of you may know the past few months (well maybe more then a few) haven't really been the best for my little family. When Oakley was 2 weeks old she started having a lot of digestive problems. They narrowed it down to being a bacteria in her intestines. Now she is still really little and they are still worried about her immune system. But she is getting better and better everyday.
Owen has been good, loves his time with his grandparents so much. And all of his aunts and uncles too. And cousins. He doesn't miss a beat though and can always tell when we are stressed or worried. But he can always brighten a day.
Jessie finally got hired back on to Autoliv in January and has been working there full time, but it has still been a struggle. He is now working graveyard shift and that is helping out a little bit with more money and more hours, but it is really straining on us because we get no time together as a family. But what time we do have is AMAZING!
I started school in April and absolutely love it, but it does take away time from Jessie and the kids. I am going into the medical field and I have been doing so good (surprisingly). I never really thought about going into the medical field until I had Oakley and she got sick. Now I just can't seem to get interested in anything else but that.
In my spare time from school I am helping my BEST FRIEND plan her wedding that is going to be next year. Jenette and Tj will be getting married on the 20th of August 2011. And I am so happy for them. I wish that I could be a wedding planner all of the time. I can't wait to help them make their day the most memorable day of their lives.
Our lives are coming together so well and we are so happy for the months and years to come. It has been a struggle, but we are learning more and more everyday about ways to keep us happy and on track for everything we want. We can't wait for the upcoming holiday season and all of the fun that we can have with our friends and family.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New to Blogging

So I am very new to blogging, but I thought I would give it a try. Not quite sure how it all works, but a little bit about my kids is usually what most people like to hear about.
My little man Owen turned 2 years old in May and it has been a very big change from how he was when he was still 1. He has started to really have an attitude (wonder where he got that from!) and has such a personality. But his smile sure does melt my heart. I can't get enough of it (which is a bad thing when I am trying to be "in control").
Then there is my little lady bug. Oakley was born in February this year and is now 6 mos (almost 7!) old. She is a blessing in disguise and I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! She had a few medical problems when she was a few weeks old which prevented her from gaining weight for a while. So she was very tiny for a few months (like too little). She is now doing a little bit better, but they are still worried about her weight being too low. She is the cutest little thing. She loves to laugh and smile, and will even chat with you for a minute now. And she is ALMOST CRAWLING!
Those are my kids. I couldn't be happier with the children that I have been lucky enough to have my life blessed with. Me and Jessie are the luckiest parents in the world and I can't wait for the kids to be a few years older so we can go do all sorts of fun things with them as a family.

The girl that took the pictures for this blog is Tia Pendleton and she did an amazing job. It is a miracle that she got the ones of Owen that she did. We couldn't have asked for better pictures of our little family.
Tia Pendleton Photography can be found on facebook and she is awesome!

The End!! 08/26/2010