Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 in 1 day!

So all my lucky blog followers, you get a 2 in 1 today. I just wanted to tell everyone about school. I started a new module this week and to my surprise, I am very pleased! Last night was Cardiopulmonary / ECG, it is going to be very interesting. But EVEN BETTER, tonight I started Medical Laboratory Procedures.
The Cardiopulmonary / ECG class is going to be where we learn about the Cardiac System and the Respiratory System. It is going to be very fun I think. We will learn how to do EKG, and can actually get certified in that I think. It will be a very good start to all of the things that I will be able to start doing.
Then the most fun part of this module, Medical Laboratory Procedures. Which is actually the first class in the PHLEBOTOMY portion of my studies!!!! I am so excited to start learning how to do this. This is the #1 reason why I decided to go back to school. Thursday we get to start poking fingers. And then next week we get to start venipuncture! Which MEANS DRAWING BLOOD FROM A VEIN!!
Yes I know not many people get very excited about this, but I can't wait. I am so happy that this class came sooner then I was thinking it would. Now for the CNA classes and I will be ready to go for a little bit. I can't wait to actually start a career!
Thanks for listening!

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